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Somatic Education  &  Massage

IMG_0127In depth learning about your own body-mind 

Comfort     Mobility     Creativity

The arts of  Contact

Currently Based in  Briançon, France,  Workshops Offered Internationally

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 Apprendre en profondeur sur votre propre corps-esprit

Confort     Mobilité     Créativité

Les arts de contact

Actuellement basé à Briançon, France, ateliers offerts internationalement

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“Somatics is the field which studies the soma: namely, the body as perceived from within by first-person perception. When a human being is observed from the outside — i.e., from a third-person viewpoint-the phenomenon of a human body is perceived. But, when this same human being is observed from the first-person viewpoint of his own proprioceptive senses, a categorically different phenomenon is perceived: the human soma.” Thomas Hanna from “What is Somatics”