french flag  Joe explore avec passion le mouvement, le toucher et l’improvisation depuis 1998.  En 2003, il a obtenu une année de bourse pour enseigner et performer le Contact Improvisation (CI) dans 13 pays et y étudier les différences dans le CI en relation avec contexte culturel. Il a aidé à lancer la pratique de CI à Grenoble(Chorescence) en 2005 et a beaucoup dansé avec le « Collectif de CI Tumblebones » à Boulder, Colorado.

Joe a été formé comme instructeur de Shengzhen Qigong par Maitre Li Junfeng; il est enseignant certifié en Méthode Feldenkrais®, et diplômé comme ‘’massage therapist’’ après 2 ans dans une école de massages thérapeutiques aux Etats-Unis. Joe pratique comme professionnel de massage certifié depuis 8 ans avant de s’installer en France en 2015.

Son approche de l’enseignement encourage les processus de transformation et d’apprentissage; tout en maintenant un profond respect de la personne pour l’aider à trouver sa propre voie.

I am a movement teacher and bodyworker who is dedicated to helping people feel healthy, vibrant and creative.  My approach is integrative, taking in to account many aspects of  living, healing, and learning. My understanding of the richness of human beings has been nurtured by extensive studies from different cultural traditions.

I began my formal study of body-mind-spiritual arts in 1997 with, Taiji Chuan, Qigong, Yoga, Buddhist meditation, Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation. All of which I was exposed to while earning a BA in History with a focus on Chinese Cultural Studies at Reed Collage.  In 2003, I received a Watson Fellowship to research, perform and teach Contact Improvisation in a project examining its relationship to local cultural contexts in 13 countries around the world. This began my Contact Improvisation teaching career, which has been nurtured by study with many teachers and collaborations. My teachers have included : Carla Mann, Alito Allesi, Karen Nelson, Martin Keogh, Carolyn Stuart, Nita Little, Kristi Simson, Karl Frost, Malcolm Manning, Natanja Den Boeft, Nancy Stark Smith, Daniela Swartzman and Echart Muller. My most significant long term collaborations have been with: Patrick Gracewood, Michael Shachur, Gretchen Spiro, Isabelle Uski, Alicia Grayson, Lucien Renjilian-Burgy, and Steve Homshire.IMG_0127

Following a heart calling to share my passion, and aptitude for movement and touch with the clear intention to be of service to others I became more oriented toward wellbeing and creativity. This led me to more extensive study of Massage TherapyQigong, and the Feldenkrais Method.

I earned my Massage Therapy degree from the Heartwood Institute in 2008, where I studied, Deep Tissue Therapy, Myofascial Release, Swedish-Eselan, and Shiatsu. I continued my massage studies with an advanced training in Phenomenal Touch Massage in 2010.

After studying many styles of Taiji and Qigong in the United States, China and France I found my calling studying Sheng Zhen Qigong with Master Li Junfeng, with whom I became a Certified Teacher in 2012.

While recovering from injury in 2004 I discovered the Feldenkrais Method. Initially I found it extremely effective in  helping me recover, but I quickly discovered how much more I could learn and refine through its ingenious educational methods. After many years of personal study I joined a Professional Feldenkrais Method  Training with educational director, Dennis Leri . I graduated in 2015 and am certified to teach Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons and individual Functional Integration sessions.

IMG_0428The first couple of years of my massage practice was focused on Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage in Boulder, USA, where I had the chance to work with many high performance Athletes.  For the 5 following years I worked at the Present Moment Retreat in Troncones, Mexico during half the year, where I offered Qigong and Awareness Through Movement classes,  individual bodywork/massage sessions, and periodically taught anatomy for Yoga teacher trainings. During the other half of the year I traveled in the US and Europe, teaching, studying and offering massage and bodywork.

I moved to France in 2015, where I’m currently based.

For more information about the field of somatic education in which I have been studying and working this entry in Wikipedia is useful.



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