Contact Improvisation Workshop, 2 – 3 February 2019, CZECH REPUBLIC

Freedom in Connection

Freedom in Connection – Contact Improvisation

You have an extraordinary chance to experience the contact improvisation in a different way. This approach is going to expand your inner feeling of fullness, openness, tenderness, simplicity, presence, trust and surrender. Through the touch you can improvise with your well-being and the wisdom of your body. The time slows down and the senses open up.

A weekend retreat of contact improvisation in which we are going to focus on how to experience freedom and enjoyment within given constraints. Sometimes given as a task, sometimes by your own choice and sometimes by just the fact we are dancing in contact.

We get into the dance – contact improvisation – itself using a completely different way from we are used to. The mind does not predict, the most important are the physical impulses. The nervous system is tuned to a much finer and more precise degree, the body responds in a more relaxed fashion and reacts more effectively. We are able to change our habits. Our blocks and stagnations lose their importance.


Such contact improvisation has renewing and strengthening effects. It becomes a dance which is integrative. It directs both dancers into balance fosters their movement wisdom. We are going to expand skills which help our dance to become a form of a motion massage. Sometimes such dance reminds you of pleasure and the healing quality of massage, sometimes it’s full of transformation emerging in somatic learning and sometimes it encourages mind to closeness, pulsating and full of life.

Žíl is the place where it all is going to happen. In the foothills of Orlice Mountains in the village of Javornice – Přím. GPS coordinates are 50.169522, 16.392851

The workshop is intensive, arrivals on Friday after 18:00, leaving on Sunday evening.

Price 120 EUR when the deposit of 40 EUR is payed before 26 January, after that the price is 140 EUR.

Accommodation and food 50 EUR.

Inscriptions and Info DRUNA