Bodywork According to Moshe Feldenkrais, MASSAGE TRAINING, 24 – 28 February 2020, Orlice Mountain CZECH

Five days of intensive classes of the Feldenkrais Method in the field of bodywork and massage. Application of knowledge, skills and insights of the Feldenkrais Method into your therapeutic work. The Feldenkrais Method has genuinely sophisticated approach to bodywork through touches. It is based on specific findings on how to use touch to pass on information and as a means of communication. This training is an outstanding opportunity to acquire new information.

Bodywork in the Feldenkrais Method is very thoroughly worked-out, it is a method of its own. The Feldenkrais Method offers particular insights on using touch as a means of communication that effects underlying patterns of movement, posture, limitation, stress and efficiency. Functional Integration, the bodywork aspect of the Feldenkrais Method, is its own in depth method that takes years to learn. However, many of its underlying principles and skills can substantially enrich other Massage Practices and can form the basis of a unique style of massage.

During this week we will focus on three areas:

  • the power of reducing effort
  • integrative skeletal contact
  • mobilization as holistic re-learning

These content areas transform a massage session into a dialog with the aspects of a receiver which organize tonus, movement and self perception. The result is a deep somatic experience of transformation.

During the training you will learn several skills which will enhance your bodywork to a new level. We will also pursue somatic needs of the practitioner. Using Body Awareness techniques you will find out how to spare energy during sessions. Moreover, you will learn how to work in such a way that prevents from harms that are often found in massage profesisions.

Joe Stoller (USA)

He gained more than 20 years of experience in the most demanding posts in the United States. He worked as massage therapist in the therapeutic centre for professional sportsmen and later on in several top-class health resorts. Finally he opened up his own successful private practice in USA and France. He is teacher of Feldenkrail Method, instructor of Shengzhen Qigong and teacher of contact improvisation. He is also registered masseur who integrates the techniques of Shiatsu, Phenomenal Touch, Myofascial Release and Somatic Education.

During his manifold international career he also provided Awareness Through Movement courses at the Present Moment Retreat (Mexico), he received the Watson Fellowhip for Contact Improvisation research in diverse cultures, and danced extensively withTumblebones in Boulder (USA). His approach to teaching encourages processes of transformation and learning something new while holding a deep respect for people finding their own way.

This all is going to happen in the foothills of Orlice mountains in a house called Žíl on a vast meadow next to a forest. You go here by train or by bus. The nearest stations: Pěčín, Javornice – Přím, Rychnov nad Kněžnou. Address: Přím 33, Javornice, GPS 50.169522, 16.392851

The workshop is intensive, arrivals on Monday before 12:00, leaving on Friday at 16:00.

Price 240 EUR. If the deposit of 90 EUR is paid before 24 January the price is 210 EUR.

Price for accommodation and meal 100 EUR.