Contact Improvisation – From the Ground Up, 31 of October – 4th of November, PRAGUE

Building Contact Improvisation from the somatic base of the Feldenkrais Method.

Our first partner in Contact Improvisation is the earth. Our dynamic and gentle relationship with the gravity and support of the earth is what makes possible a dynamic and comfortable dance with another. Gravity and support, falling and flying, structure and movement are like two sides of the same coin. Using the Feldenkrais Method this workshop will build our somatic awareness of how we can move easily with the earth and how to share this ease and support with other people in Contact Improvisation.

The Feldenkrais Method is a practical, student-centered learning method for awakening our awareness of how we act and perceive. It uses a sequence of movements to study and to reduce of limiting movement habits that we are acquiring throughout life due to various injuries and other factors. It allows us more fully to use our potential, to liberate ourself and our body and mind from habitual patterns, limiting stereotypes, pain, and brings to life awareness, grounding and freedom.

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