Feldenkrais Method – fusion of action and perception, 5th – 6th of November, PRAGUE

Transforming our habits at the confluence of action and perception.


Most of us wish to change ourselves and our world for the better. They key question is how? Transforming our relationship to the world involves developing an embodied understanding of the relationship between attitude, perception and action. As we practice, we learn to feel deeply how our way of moving is intertwined with our perceptions. We co-create ourselves and our world. Understanding our habits, which shape the confluence of ourselves and the world, we create the potential for greater freedom, creativity and love.
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The Feldenkrais Method is a practical, student-centered learning method for awakening our awareness of how we act and perceive. It uses a sequence of movements to study and to reduce of limiting movement habits that we are acquiring throughout life due to various injuries and other factors. It allows us more fully to use our potential, to liberate ourself and our body and mind from habitual patterns, limiting stereotypes, pain, and brings to life awareness, grounding and freedom.

In this workshop we will be led through sequences of movement explorations which reveal how we imagine, initiate, and coordinate our selves. By lovingly uncovering our hidden habits within a field of options, we are able to realize greater freedom and to live in greater harmony with our environment. While the implications of this work is lofty, the practice is very grounded.

Freedom involves becoming aware of how we usually do things like turning our head, and developing options so that we are not simply constrained by our one habitual way. Harmonizing with the earth involves learning to sense and move in harmony with gravity, and learning to feel the support of the earth deep in our bones. Changing how we see the world involves discovering how the use of our eyes is involved with how we balance and orient ourselves. In all of these examples we will focus on the creative reweaving of our self and our immediate environment.