Feldenkrais/ Somatic Bodywork/ Contact Improvisation, 12-21 February 2022, Prague and Czech Mountains.

Expanding the Inner and outer space.

Workshops taught through DRUNA info here https://www.druna.cz/seminare/

Feldenkrais Method® weekend

Inner space is largely about the opening of possibilities. As these possibilities expand our inner space we feel less stuck, less stiff, less constrained. We feel more comfortable and free in our selves.  This inner freedom is intimately tied to how we move through the space outside ourselves. How we orient, reach, turn, see and connect to the earth with its gravity and its support.

This theme will give us a focus in our explorations of the Feldenkrais Method®. We work with rewiring the foundations of our movements and postures. One of the goals is to create new possibilities at a very deep level.  Often when we do “new” things we actually use our old deep habits and rely on them as we do the “new thing.” Often our deeper limitations , patterns of discomfort, and “weak spots” are not addressed. Using a studied gentleness, the Feldenkrais Method® gets at the deep stuff.  We will touch the places where movement just begins, where postures begin to take form and where the inner world begins to co-create the outer world.  

Somatic Wisdom

An emersion into somatic bodywork, authentic movement and the Feldenkrais Method.

This workshop will draw us closer to ourselves as we develop our capacity to sense and move another human being. We will practice bodywork filled with curiosity and develop a somatic wisdom to share with others.  

Curiosity leads into somatic integration.  We touch in detail. We come with our wealth of somatic wisdom. Not yet knowing, we discover.  Sensations of contact, of differences, of connections, of movements, of happening, of potentials.  The curiosity shared by exploring the other leads to an elaboration of self.  When we touch the others arm-shoulder-hand-ribs-spine-head-pelvis-leg-foot ßà this information flows back into our soma.

 The senses of touching, moving and seeing mix together into a more whole perception of the other. A more whole perception of self. We witness moving.  Each of us, a unique center of experience in a shared world. We witness as moving.  Our moving is our witnessing.  Curiosity circulates through time, between people, though the morphing space. As the movement flows our somatic wisdom grows.

Side by side. We take the time to rediscover ourselves. We spread out along the floor and take the gravity off of our heads. With gentleness and creativity we go through A precise series of explorations. Our root patterns of movement become more clear and more diverse. The gentleness accompanies us as we come to our feet and move lightly, with curious precision into the unknown. 

Manipulation up to the sky: Contact Improvisation